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 hello, can anyone hear me??

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hello, can anyone hear me?? Empty
PostSubject: hello, can anyone hear me??   hello, can anyone hear me?? I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 11:33 am

Seeing this is the old forum, i am wondering wether anyone will read this, but by lack of a new forum , i'll introduce myself here.
My name is Shinta, 32 years old, and live in Haarlem, Holland.
I have been hooked on MMORPGs for a long time now...started off with Everquest 1, then Everquest 2, LotrO, then WoW, but in the end switched back to LotrO.
I met my current boyfriend (he plays Viklas, guardian) when playing Everquest2, and we have been playing online games together ever since.

How i found this kin? I walked into a lvl 50 Minstrel called Adas Razz who was jamming in Bree...he thought me how to play music in the game and we got to talk Smile
I am glad i found such a nice kin like templar, everyone seems nice and helpful, but relaxed at the same time.

Well if at any point someone needs a wee lvl 35 hobbit minstrel, gimme a shout ok:)


ps: my alt in the guild is Mirthewyn
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hello, can anyone hear me??
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